From October 2018

InfoQ interview me about my new book

It was my pleasure to be interviewed by InfoQ’s Ben Linders and Rafiq Gemmail about my new book – The Agile Developer’s Handbook. In the interview, they ask about my motivations for writing the book, what I view as today’s key practices for an Agile team and where I see things heading in the future. The full article can be found here

The Agile Developer’s Handbook

After many thousands of work units, measured in cups of tea and coffee drunk, I present The Agile Developer’s Handbook. A playbook which gives a team everything it needs to get off the ground with Agile and Lean thinking. It can be purchased here direct from the publisher and at any of the reputable online bookstores. The preface gives a glimpse of what it’s all about, hope you enjoy! Agile thinking has caused a fundamental shift in how we deliver software. The aim of this book is to offer the reader a pragmatic, easy-to-follow approach to mastering this transformative way of working. It’s roughly divided into three sections to reflect the three…