Why are outcomes not attached?

I’d thought I’d explain why my tagline includes the statement “outcomes not attached”.

As a servant leader I’m heavily invested, one might say 100% committed, on getting good outcomes. However, those outcomes aren’t my own, they are those of the team that I serve. In getting the best result for the people that I coach, I can’t be attached to those outcomes, or how they reach them, in any way.

Let me explain further. If I have the intention of steering the team in a certain direction, it might not be one that they would take. They won’t identify with, or fully understand the path that I’ve sent them on. As a result they won’t be able to take it to a logical conclusion.

More importantly, if the team are to succeed they have to have autonomy. I have to help them create change that they own and truly understand. Then, in the future, they can evolve without having to rely on me.